biolitec® in Gynecology

Minimally invasive laser therapy of myomas


Myomas - treated minimally invasive

Myomas – these are benign tumors of the muscle layer of the uterus (the myometrium) that occur more frequently than many assume: in Europe, approx. every fourth or sixth woman of childbearing age is concerned. Myomas usually occur between the ages of 30 to 50 years. Myomas can occur individually or in a multiple way and can affect the quality of life of women through interfering bleeding and a feeling of pressure.

Outpatient and low-infection laser treatment
Various common medical conditions such as varicose veins, hemorrhoids, fistulas or recurrent bladder tumors can be treated on an outpatient basis with biolitec's gentle laser therapies. The short stay in a practice or day clinic and the low number of contacts reduce the risk of infection to an absolute minimum.

With the HOLA® laser procedure of biolitec® myomas can be removed minimally invasive. Minimally invasive means a particularly low side-effect and gentle treatment, which allows you to enjoy a life free of pain and discomfort.