biolitec® in Gynecology

Minimally invasive laser therapy of myomas


The HOLA® method by biolitec®


With the HOLA® (Hysteroscopic Outpatient Laser Applications) laser procedure, myomas are cut out very precisely (medically "enucleated") using a laser light conducting glass fiber. Surrounding uterine tissue is not affected or damaged, bleeding also does not occur. The laser light has hardly any effect on the uterine muscles. As a result, there are no painful contractions of the uterus after surgery as in other surgical procedures. No or only a local anesthesia is necessary for the operation, a general anesthesia is not necessary. It can be performed on an outpatient basis.


With hysteroscopic myoma nucleation, the laser fiber is inserted into a very thin hysteroscope and inserted into the uterus via the vagina. The uterus is dilated with a saline solution, so that the surgeon has a good view of the myoma to be treated. The laser energy, which is transmitted via the fiber, enables the surgeon to cut and stop the blood at the same time. This gives him permanent control. The pointed glass fibre allows precise, tissue-friendly enucleation. The tissue usually recovers very quickly and there is hardly any scarring or adhesions. During the procedure, the patient feels the heat development of the laser, which is usually well tolerated.


If suspected, hysteroscopy is also performed to diagnose myomas. Depending on the position of the myoma, it can be enucleated directly with the laser.


Only local or even no anesthesia is required for the procedure, which can be performed on an outpatient basis. Depending on the number of myomas, the treatment duration of between 15 - 30 minutes is relatively short. Due to the short duration of treatment and rinsing with saline solution, there is no risk of overhydration syndrome.







Enucleation of a submucosal myoma with the laser fiber of biolitec®


Of course, with the biolitec® laser myomas can also be treated laparoscopically. During laparoscopy, the glass fibers are guided through a laparoscopic tube into the abdominal cavity. The laparoscopic procedure is indicated for intramural and subserous myomas and requires general anesthesia.


Advantages of HOLA® laser procedure